We truly had some incredibly memorable adventures during Kitchener’s Ever After Musical Festival on June 8 to 10, 2018. Among the outstanding experiences, we had the phenomenal opportunity to interview two of the hardest working producers in the world of electronic dance music, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P.

These long-time friends were kind enough to share some exclusive insight on what it’s like to be away from their loved ones, what’s the story behind their stage names, how a specific hairstyle can help build their confidence, who their dream collaboration is, among much more.

You’re definitely going to want to check this one out – you won’t be disappointed!

Ever After


1) Doctor P: Throughout your career, you have dabbled with a few different names whether it was your stage name Doctor P, or your aliases – Sounds Destructive, DJ Picto and Slum Dogs. Can you tell us which one is your favorite, and what was the inspiration behind it?

I enjoyed Slum Dogs, a lot, because it was really the only time that I had been in the studio with other people. I have always been a solo artist, making my own tunes, but Slum Dogs would be in the studio all day, make no music, and just have a laugh, then I’d make a tune right at the end. We’re bringing him back! It’s going to be so nice to be back in the studio with other human beings again.

2) Flux Pavilion: Your name is also quite unique. Can you tell us if it is in any way linked to the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future?

No, not in any way. [Doctoc P] came up with it! *Looking at Doctor P* What were you thinking? I never really asked you. Doctor P: “I don’t really remember; I was about sixteen when I came up with it.” Flux Pavilion: “He came up with it originally as the name for our band. When I needed a name, I used it for a number of years.” Doctor P: “It worked out to a flux means the flow of energy, and a pavilion is where entertainment takes place – so it’s a flow of energy in a place of entertainment.” Flux Pavilion: “Which is exactly what I do!”

3) Doctor P/Flux Pavilion: Your very admirable success has allowed you both to tour all over the world. What is your favourite destination based solely off of your food of choice?

Doctor P: “Probably Japan because sushi is always good, obviously. Sushi makes you feel good after you have eaten it.” Flux Pavilion: “Asia also has incredible breakfast. For me though, it’s gotta be England. If you were in an airport, or a service station, which we obviously go to those places all of the time, you have such a wide selection of things, like pork pies and sausage rolls, really brilliant things! When you come to America, it’s always just like a soggy wrap; they need to up the service station snack. So yeah, my favourite thing about England, I think, is the package sandwiches. I feel like we have the best ones in the world.”

4) Doctor P/Flux Pavilion: Speaking of being on the road, what are the biggest challenges that you both have come across by being away from your loved ones?

Doctor P: “My wife and I have been together since way before I started all of this. We had a long distance relationship from day one – like she was in uni, and I went to uni, and then I started doing this. We’ve been together for 14 years, so we make it work. I’m used to it.” Flux Pavilion: “See, what I do with my wife, is that we used Whatsapp, or Skype, and then we just leave it on speaker phone, and continue our normal day activities, like watching a movie, or something like that. You feel like they are there with you, ultimately. That’s one of the better parts about being in a relationship is being able to just hang out with someone; that can happen digitally now, which is definitely easier than it once was.”

5) Doctor P/Flux Pavilion: Since you both co-founded Circus Records with a couple of your closest colleagues, can you tell your fans what future projects that this label has in store?

Doctor P: “We’re just trying to keep things ticking along. We feel like the label is in a really good place at the moment; we are happy with the music that we have been releasing, and how everything has been running. We’re just trying to keep going – to stick to our guns and keep it going forever.” Flux Pavilion: “I actually have an unannounced project that I have been working on. I can’t say too much just yet, but what I can say is that it’s an album. It’s simply just music to listen to – there’s no bangers, or drops to listen to. [Throughout our careers], we are always just working on music, and working with the label, so it’s always a bit frustrating that you have to wait for your own album, or even EPs, to come out. I absolutely can’t wait to put my own personal music out there. I started this project as a place for those tracks to exist. One of the guys even did a five-minute electronic homage to Steve Wright’s music with eighteen different instruments. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an ambient soundscape performance. You all should Google it – it’s called Music for 18 Musicians. He’s such a legendary composer!” 

6) Doctor P/Flux Pavilion: In the past, you have teamed up with some of the biggest names in the music industry to create some seriously fire tracks. That said, who would be your next dream collaboration, and why?

Flux Pavilion: “Definitely Rusko. It seems more likely, now than ever, that it is going to happen since we are working on a project with him for the upcoming album.”

7) Doctor P: Since you’re known as a Doctor, what is your professional opinion on how dubstep, and drum and bass, help to heal the body?

There seems to be a lot of talk about mental health in the industry at the moment. I was talking to someone [recently] that started a non-profit organisation; it has to do with mental health at electronic music festivals. There’s obviously people that attend these events that take drugs – that said, I feel like people are just becoming increasingly aware about mental health. My wife is a therapist, [so we often have great conversations regarding this]. Keep the conversation flowing, and that’s the real medicine.

8) Flux Pavilion: I have heard through the grapevine that you’re not a natural blonde (we won’t spill your secret) – did you make the switch because you truly believe that blondes have more fun?

Flux Pavilion: “That’s not why I made the switch, however, I think people with haircuts that they like have more fun.” Doctor P: “If I’m feeling like crap, I will go and get a haircut, and then I come out feeling like a million dollars”. Flux Pavilion: “It’s all about feeling good in your look”.

9) Doctor P/Flux Pavilion: While we’re on the subject of a good time, you’re both known for unleashing killer beats that ultimately create a memorable party. Which artists do you listen to amp yourselves up for a night out?

Doctor P: “I don’t *laughs*; I do this to really amp myself up”. Flux Pavilion: “Same here. I think I’m more manic when I am at home. Like, I get really infatuated with things. At the moment, I am really into smoking and curing meats. So I’ll go touring, and then I’ll come home and disappear for weeks. Like, I know everything about something after that. I know all about botulism now.” Doctor P: “Why does every interview that we do always end in botulism? *laughs”. Flux Pavilion: “It’s a real thing *laughs*”.


Brittany Provost